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Solar Eclipse Starfire Prints™ Hanging Glass SPCIR863

Price: $19.95

In 1918, there was a total solar eclipse that spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific, crossing the entirety of the United States in its path.  Newspaper ads hyped the rarity of this celestial event and even jewelry stores got in on the action to sell their fancy solar glasses.  One headline read, “Not until 2017 will another total solar eclipse be visible over so large an area of this country.” That must have seemed so far away to people then, but here we are, in their future, having experienced our own total solar eclipse! 

The solar eclipse clippings and other items of 1918 were collected and are now treasured antiques.

This StarFire Prints™ Hanging Glass  Print features a brilliant solar eclipse with commemorative date.  Perfect for a wall, tree, car, or window.  The light-catching Glass Print is a dazzling way to remember your part in this historical event.

Comes with hanging string for easy display. 

• 3.5” circular hanging glass
• Translucent yet vibrant with color
• Ideal for festive display 
• Hanging string included
• Made in the USA

StarFire Prints™ Hanging Glass Decoration

StarFire Prints™ Hanging Glass Decorations are photographic quality prints on translucent glass. These images are permanently fused into the glass, resulting in a semi-translucent print that captures the natural light, enhancing the color display and making each image a true piece of art.

The glass is scratch and fade resistant and arrives to you ready for display.

© Trend Setters Ltd. 

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