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Disney (Tangled - Personalized) Curved Acrylic Print ACPU0705CUR446

Price: $34.99

This is an upload item that can be ordered on our sister website CustomPhotoPrints.com, please click here to access this product...

Flynn Rider watches while Rapunzel is enchanted by the glow of the paper lanterns. Disney’s Tangled is featured in the instantly recognizable style of Thomas Kinkade Studios. The curved shape of this free-standing acrylic print makes the beautifully detailed image visible from everywhere in the room. This is perfect for finding new details with every glance. The translucent properties illuminate the image in natural light.


The officially licensed image is fused directly and permanently into the free-standing, light-catching acrylic print. Natural light illuminates the image, emphasizing the magic, love, and sparkles.


We create photographs that are actually made of acrylic! Trend Setters Ltd. fuses our licensed designs and images into a piece of curved, clear acrylic to create a translucent tabletop art piece enjoyable from 360 degrees! 

  • ·         7”x 5” acrylic image
  • ·         Curved, free-standing
  • ·         Translucent, 360-degree light-catching views
  • ·         Patent-pending material
  • ·         Hand-crafted in the USA


© Disney