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Disney (Maleficent) 10" x 7" Curved Acrylic Print ACP1007CUR748
Disney (Maleficent) 10" x 7" Curved Acrylic Print ACP1007CUR748

Disney (Maleficent) 10" x 7" Curved Acrylic Print ACP1007CUR748

Price: $57.74

"Oh dear, what an awkward situation." Maleficent, the evil fairy who placed a curse on Princess Aurora, is a force to be reckoned with. Between her cunning ways and her abilities to shapeshift and place curses on mortals, it is no secret that she has the power to cause mass destruction to King Stefan’s kingdom. This 10”x7” curved acrylic print features the famous scene of Maleficent attacking King Stefan’s castle by shapeshifting into a dragon and flooding the land in thorn-covered vines. In a nearby tower, you can see Princess Aurora sleeping due to the curse the evil fairy had placed on her. Will true love (and a sharp sword) defeat the multi-decade curse?


We create photographs that are actually made of acrylic! Trend Setters Ltd. fuses licensed designs and images into a piece of curved, clear acrylic to create a translucent tabletop art piece enjoyable from 360 degrees!


  • Officially licensed Disney Sleeping Beauty curved acrylic print featuring artwork by Thomas Kinkade Studios.
  • 10” x 7” Dazzling, light-catching curved acrylic print.
  • Curved design made of free-standing durable acrylic makes the image visible from both sides and all angles of the room. A charming addition to any home or office.
  • Semi-translucent print allows natural light to pass through, illuminating and emphasizing the image.
  • Acrylic prints are proudly made in the USA by Trend Setters Ltd.


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