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Thor 2 (The Dark World) (Loki) Bookmark USBM652

Price: $7.95

The Mighty Avenger returns in Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World to face his most perilous journey yet. With custom artwork of Loki, this bookmark presentation also boasts a clip of real film from the movie.

•    2” x 6” double-sided laminated bookmark
•    Real  film from the movie
•    Comes with classis style tassel
•    Trend Setters certificate on reverse
•    Made in the USA

Each double-sided FilmCell Bookmark is made with careful attention to detail.  It is carefully laminated, with the film placed within a clear front and back viewing area, allowing natural light to enhance the film frames.  

Each piece of film is hand-cut from reels to provide you with the best possible scenes to offer a unique and varied product.   This is all put together to bring you a collectible that looks great in your favorite book or as a desk accessory.

(The film portrayed in the image above is an example of the film cells you may receive.)

While on Earth, the Asgardian warrior prince Thor learned much about responsibility and accountability. Now the otherworldly hero, ever armed with his mighty hammer Mjolnir, returns home to fabled Asgard and the Nine Realms of the Cosmos and must take arms against an ancient, unknowable darkness that threatens to eclipse all that exists!

Fresh from the Super Hero team-up of a lifetime in Marvel’s The Avengers, THOR: THE DARK WORLD leads audiences on an immense adventure that spans the Marvel Universe, from present-day Earth to the otherworldly realm of Asgard, where fabled champions clash with larger-than-life foes on a cosmic scale.