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Disney's (Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Holiday) Curved Acrylic Print ACP1007CUR116

Price: $49.99

Mickey and Minnie are full of Holiday cheer as they skate together on a frozen stream. Mickey’s best pal, Pluto, is joyous, watching from the snowy banks. Like all works of art from Thomas Kinkade Studios, there are many charming details in this image. From the twinkling Christmas lights on the quaint village homes, to the sweet little cardinal perched atop a wooden sled, “Sweetheart Holiday” is full of Christmas cheer. You can imagine the families tucked inside of their warmly-lit homes, enjoying time together and hoping their wishing-well wishes come true on Christmas morning.This free-standing, curved acrylic print is dazzling in natural light and visible from 360°.

We create photographs that are actually made of acrylic! Trend Setters Ltd. fuses our licensed designs and images into a piece of curved, clear acrylic to create a translucent tabletop art piece enjoyable from 360 degrees! They are scratch and fade resistant, showcasing pristine colors that become further enhanced with light.

• 10”x 7” acrylic image
• Curved, free-standing
• Translucent, 360-degree views
• Patent-pending material
• Scratch and fade resistant
• Hand-crafted in the USA

© Disney, Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Holiday © 2016 Thomas Kinkade Studios