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Disney's (Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Cafe- Thomas Kinkade Studios) Starfire Prints™ Hanging Glass SPCIR698

Price: $19.95
EAN: 5055169488744

Spring and love are in the air with a colorful, charming scene that only the worlds of Thomas Kinkade Studios and Walt Disney could bring to life. Mickey surprises Minnie with a beautiful bouquet and a heart-shaped box of Valentine's Day chocolates on a cobblestone swallt. As this StarFire Prints™ Hanging Glass catches light, the vivid colors and details are illuminated.

Comes with hanging string for easy display.

  • 3.5” circular hanging glass
  • Translucent yet vibrant with color
  • Ideal for festive display    
  • Hanging string included
  • Made in the USA

 StarFire Prints™ Hanging Glass

StarFire Prints hanging glass are photographic quality prints on translucent glass. Featuring artwork from your favorite movies, these prints are an elegant way to display your fandom to the world. These images are permanently fused into the glass, resulting in a semi-translucent print that captures the natural light, enhancing the color display and making each image a true piece of art.

The glass is scratch and fade resistant and arrives to you ready for display.

© Disney. Mickey and Minnie Sweetheart Café © 2017 Thomas Kinkade Studios.