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Marilyn Monroe (Oriental Gown and Pekinese) Starfire Prints™ Hanging Glass SPCIR414

Price: $19.95
EAN: 5055169473719 Watch as this American beauty dazzles when light hits the glass. Translucent yet vibrant, this glass sparkles with radiant splendor, much like Marilyn herself. You can see the innocence that captivated a nation, as she poses with this adorable dog. Comes with display ribbon.

This StarFire Prints™ hanging glass print is translucent yet vibrant with color. Designed to capture the natural light making every image a true piece of art.

•    3.5” circular hanging glass
•    Translucent yet vibrant with color
•    Ideal for festive display    
•    Display ribbon included
•    Made in the USA

The glass is scratch and fade resistant and arrives to you ready for display.

To refer to Marilyn Monroe as just an actress would be a great injustice to this stunning acting legend. It would be more apt to refer to as the authority in acting and if we go on writing about her a library of books wouldn’t be sufficient to describe her. Such was her influence on fashion and films during her era that she is remembered even today as the goddess of fashion and powerhouse of acting. Even today’s teenagers look at her as their role model. Marilyn Monroe was a class in her own and created an identity that would never vanish.

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