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Marvel's Captain America: Civil War (S2) PolyPix Acrylic Keychain

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War (S2) PolyPix™ Acrylic Keychain AK2X3P028

Price: $7.95

In the battle of Captain America: Civil War, it’s time to pick a side. Show your allegiance to Iron Man every time you reach for your keys. This collectible PolyPix acrylic keychain features an officially licensed image of Iron Man, is translucent yet vibrant with color, and is scratch resistant.

  • 2” x 3” rectangular acrylic keychain
  • Vivid PolyPix™ print inside acrylic
  • Translucent yet vibrant with color
  • Image visible from both sides
  • Featuring licensed artwork


PolyPix™ Acrylic Keychains
PolyPix Acrylic Keychains are scratch resistant, photo quality collectible prints of licensed artwork placed inside a durable acrylic keychain.